Granite Slab in Downieville, CA

Even though there are probably close to a thousand different counter tops available, granite has long been and will long continue to be a popular choice for homeowners. If you are currently on the search for some granite to use in your next counter top project, you may be wondering whether you would be better off using one big slab or a number of stone tiles. There are actually a number of differences between the two, perhaps making one the better choice for your situation.

Note: for those of you who are unfamiliar with natural stone and their uses in the home, a granite slab in Downieville, CA refers to a large cut chunk of stone that is milled into the desired shape for your counter top, whilst granite tiles are thin squares that are 12x12 inches or 16x16 inches in size.

  • Appearance: In all honesty, it is difficult to compare the appearance of a granite slab in Downieville, CA and tiles, because it will all come down to personal tastes and preferences. Many people, however, prefer a more seamless appearance, which means that a granite slab in Downieville, CA will be the more preferred choice. It is, however, possible to emulate a similar appearance by staining the grout used between the tiles.

  • Cost: There is actually a considerable difference in cost when it comes to comparing granite slab in Downieville, CAs and tiles - the slab will set you back around $50 per square foot whilst the tiles will only cost you around $15. In order to put this into perspective, say that, for example, you are fitting a bench that is 2 feet wide and 10 feet long. A slab would cost you about $1000, whilst the tiles will only be $300.

  • Durability:There can be no denying that a granite slab in Downieville, CA will be considerably stronger than tiles, simply due to the fact that it is much bigger and thicker. granite slab in Downieville, CA. Even so, granite tiles are much stronger than other materials, so they are still a good choice for durability.

  • Value: This involves looking closely at which granite product will increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell. The reality of the situation is that the slab will achieve this in a much better way than the tiles will, simply due to the fact that they are worth more.

When it comes to choosing between a granite slab in Downieville, CA and tiles for use as your next counter top, it is important to look at the above comparisons and make the best decision for your home. You might be in a situation where saving money is the most important factor, which would make tiles the better choice or, if money is no object, opt for the more valuable slab. Remember that, simply by choosing granite, you are already receiving an attractive and high quality stone.

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